Sales Promotion

Sales promotion strategies provide incentives to customers, traders and retailers to buy the products. Sales promotions strategies that could be employed include percentage discounts, coupon discount, special offers during festive season, prizes and point of purchase displays. We have time and again organized special events intended to boost the sales of our client’s products and also differentiate them from several other products in the market.

We had organized a special Car Mela for our long time client Sipradi before the annual NADA().The car Mela held exclusively for Sipradi vehicles for the first time helped boost its sales and attract the attention of its target customers and was held for the second time as well this year. Other examples include the concept of Nano Studio which was conceptualized by Welcome. The idea of Nano studio was to make auto shows more interesting by including dance, music, and live band performances. This concept helped attract a lot of audience for the auto show and consequently led to the increase in the client’s product sales. We have conducted other similar events like Manza Moves and Masti, Storm CafĂ© held exclusively to attract customer’s attention toward the client’s products. Such events have helped differentiate our client’s products from other similar products in the market. We treat all our clients equally and we will continue to innovate and think of new ideas that will help boost the sales of our client’s products.